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Moving Countries With AxSpa

After spending the past 2 years in the UK hiding inside my apartment on account of my compromised immune system and the constantly high COVID rates outside I am desperate to escape to somewhere a bit safer so I can start living life again.

Prior to my AS diagnosis I had been working in China as an English teacher and I absolutely loved it. At the time I had already been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis but all of my medication was in pill form so I took over what I had and it wasn't too difficult or expensive to purchase more when I was over there.

But now I've had AS thrown into the mix too it's a bit more complicated. My Enbrel injections being very expensive and needing to be kept refrigerated makes things difficult.

I originally thought of coming back every so often to the UK and picking up a few months worth of injections at a time. But travel restrictions at the moment may make that impossible and there is the risk that the injections may not be able to stay cold enough on the journey.

I'm thinking about moving to Taiwan as I have heard that it might be possible to have my biologics covered by health insurance there so if anyone has any knowledge about how things are there I would love to know!

But I am also open to moving elsewhere so if anyone knows somewhere I can go that will be easy and affordable to get my hands on Enbrel please let me know!

  1. Hi - wish you luck on your travels and hope you find a GREAT place to call home. Rebecca

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciated your well wishes. Fingers crossed I can make it happen soon!

      All the best,
      James (Community Member)

  2. Hey James! Unfortunately, I have no advice on moving abroad/health insuarce/meds. But, moving to Taiwan sounds absolutely amazing! I hope you get more information on this soon, I've presumed you've researched online?

    I hope you get to do this and your medication will be covered! Would your own doctor be able to get any information for you?

    All the best,
    Ali (Community Member)

    1. Hi ,

      Thank you I think it sounds pretty exciting too! I have been speaking to some of my friends who live out there but none of them have a chronic illness so I am trying to contact the authorities there just to double check that it will be covered!

      That's actually a great idea I think I will give my rheumatologist a call tomorrow and maybe the company that delivers my medication at the moment on the off chance that they can deliver there or know another company that does!

      All the best,
      James (Community Member)

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