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AxSpa Holiday Tips and Tricks

The holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year! But for those who struggle with AxSpA, the holidays can bring about a lot of anxiety. It's hard to keep up with holiday festivities and also figure out food choices that are provided at family gatherings.

Unfortunately this year due to COVID-19 my family won’t be traveling and will be spending the holidays at home so we won’t have too many changes to our schedule or our diet. However, if this is not the case for you, here are some helpful tips to help you get through this holiday season!

Have a talk with your family

If you happen to be visiting family for the holidays you might want to have a conversation with them before visiting let them know that you are more than happy to be spending time together. But, there might be points throughout the day or weeks that you’re spending with them that you just need to recharge and rest so you don’t run out of your spoons. Remember to be honest and try to communicate what you think you might need.

Bring your own food

If certain food can be a pain trigger for your AxSpA symptoms or any other of your health conditions, try to bring along some homemade side dishes that you know you are comfortable to eat. It can also be in the holiday spirit to share with others. This will help you manage symptoms in a way that can make you feel empowered and also take any pressure off of feeling like you are missing out. It’s lovely to share new dishes with our loved ones!

Bring what you need to be comfortable

If you know that your days are easier to get through with a heating pad, a cane, or any other mobility device, or medications, bring it along with you! This can be particularly hard for some of us who are new to using mobility devices. You might feel afraid of judgment or just don’t want to feel like you are sticking out. But if your days can be made more comfortable with those items bring them along with you. You will all end up having a much more comfortable  time!

Go easy on yourself

Going outside your comfort zone for the holidays can be anxiety-producing and scary. But, hopefully, with these tips, you are able to have a happy and comfortable holiday. What are some tips or tricks that you used to get through the holiday season?

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