Erin King

AxSpA Health Leader Erin King headshot.Erin currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and their two rescue dogs, and was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis at the age of 25. She attended Boston University, where she was a member of the Women's Rugby Team. It was during this time that she first started experiencing severe pains in her hips, and no one could seem to figure out what was causing them. A few years later she began to also experience severe lower back pain when she woke up every morning, and had multiple bouts of uveitis in her left eye. It took multiple doctors and another two years before her ophthalmologist finally tested for HLA-B27 and recommended she see a rheumatologist.

For a few years Erin was unable to live the active lifestyle she craved, and was often home bound because of severe AS flares. She began Humira treatments in 2017 and has been responding well to them and continuing them ever since. While she still suffers some joint pain, she has been able to resume most of her favorite activities, including hiking, running, and playing soccer and softball.

When Erin was initially diagnosed with a condition that she had never heard of, she took to the internet to find support and community. She began sharing her journey on her blog and Instagram @life_A.S_erin to help others find the same support and community that she did, and to help them know that they are not alone in their AS journey. She has since formed many genuine friendships within the chronic illness community, and hopes to continue to spread her voice and help raise awareness for these types of illnesses.

Erin is so excited to join the Health Union team and the community, and hopes to continue connecting with people experiencing the same things that she does every day.

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