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Keegan Matthews-McGee

Axial Spondyloarthritis Community Advocate Keegan Matthews-McGeeKeegan was previously a health leader.

Keegan Matthews-McGee is a stay at home dad, living in Philadelphia with his wonderful wife Auldyn and daughter Kaya.

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Keegan was diagnosed with AS in 2014, at age 24, but had been living with symptoms since he was a teenager. Keegan continued to work after his diagnosis in the service industry, retail, and selling his own fantasy artwork on Etsy and Instagram. Big life changes were in store. In the past three years Keegan started taking a biologic, became a father, had both his hips replaced, and quit his jobs to work as a stay at home parent.

Despite the adversity and changes in his life Keegan is still excited for the future and keeps a positive attitude. He even just started doing yoga everyday!

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