How I Pass Time on Bedbound Days

One of the worst feelings in the world is having a day where you’re glued to your bed, but knowing that time is going to move even slower because of it. I used to dread days like these, and I definitely still have days where I do, but I’ve found a handful of things to do from the comfort of my bed to help time pass by a little faster.

I binge-watch my favorite shows

I’m sure this is no surprise and something many of us already do. But I come equipped with a highly recommended show to watch. I cannot recommend Arcane enough. It came out a few months ago and man-oh-man, I’ve already watched it three times! The animation alone stands out so much, has such a specific style, and left my jaw to the floor throughout the season. It’s based off of the video game League of Legends, but you don’t have to play it to enjoy it.

I’ve never personally played the game myself. They also did such an incredibly job with the plot of the show, the music that was created for it, as well as all of the characters and their backstories. The entirety of the show is nothing like I’ve seen before. If I’m not watching that, I always have good old reliable: The Office (U.S), which I’ve watched at least 20 times over.

I play video games

Depending on how I’m feeling, I have a variety of games that I can play. On days where I’m feeling foggy, an abundance of fatigue and overall just too unwell to barely lift a finger, I really enjoy playing Animal Crossing. It doesn’t require a lot of brain function, and it’s not a game that necessarily needs sound cues or volume, so I can have the volume off and have less stimulation.

If I’m bedbound due to pain, I like to play games that are match-based so I can play in small bursts with breaks in between. One of my all-time favourite games is Dead by Daylight. A match can go on anywhere between 3-10 minutes depending on how long you and the other survivors last. It’s really easy to learn and only uses three buttons (for console) so I don’t get frustrated with my brain fog.

If video games are too much, I watch streams on Twitch

If playing video games feels nearly impossible and can only handle laying in bed and not much else, Twitch has become my saving grace. It gives me the satisfaction that playing a video game would, but without the intense focus and stimulation. Not only is it enjoyable to watch that content, but many of the streamers I watch have built a safe space filled with a wonderful community of people.

There’s been many times where I’ve expressed in the chat that I am having a bad day, where people are quick to respond in a warm, supportive manner, which really helps on days like those. Overall, it’s been really helpful in not only helping me get through slow-paced, bedbound days, but also making it enjoyable.

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