How I Decided to Use Cannabis as Medicine

My pain, like many other AxSpA warriors, dates back to before I can even remember. I didn't get an official diagnosis until I was nearing 30, and with other chronic conditions, there really wasn’t much I hadn’t tried to help get some relief.

Pain killers gave me a ton of side effects

The medication I was prescribed before I turned to medical cannabis was tramadol. And like all other pain killers I had tried up until this point, it left me battling a ton of side effects, and soon it became apparent that taking these medications would make my IBD even worse, and I would feel so groggy the next day. I began to weigh out the options before I would take my medication, typically only taking them only when the pain was already too far gone anyways, just to try and avoid the nasty side effects.

Then I began using cannabis sometimes for my axial spondyloarthritis

It was at this time I started using cannabis for flares right before bed. And at first, I was really uncomfortable with it and felt that I would be judged and I kept it to myself and enjoyed the relief and the decent night's sleep.

Soon after I turned to a CBD ointment (similar to Tiger balm) for the intense pain in my legs and hips, and while it didn't make all my pain disappear, it would relax my legs just enough to drift off to sleep. I really couldn’t believe that I was feeling this much relief without the awful side effects.

I was then referred to a cannabis clinic

Because I live in a country and province where recreational cannabis was available, that’s how my journey started, but after I had some pretty substantial proof for myself that this was a medicine that helped me a lot I turned to my rheumatologist and was referred to a cannabis clinic and was prescribed medical cannabis. Though I have to say--it was a process that was quick and easy, but I didn't feel very guided except for some general facts and doses.

It’s been about a year of using cannabis in many forms: bath bombs, ointments, smoking flowers, oils, and edibles, and my go-to method right now that I find the most helpful is micro-dosing THC oil (which means taking a very small amount) during the day and smoking in the evening. My sleep has never been better.

It was a scary beginning and last year I would have told anyone they were crazy if they said today I would be a daily cannabis user, but just like all other aspects of my health I have to continually make decisions that are in the best interest of my health, and right now cannabis is changing my life!

Do you use cannabis’ medicine?

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