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When the Cost of Care Makes Access an Issue

When I was growing up, my family reserved hospital visits for emergencies that couldn't wait until the doctor's office opened in the morning. During that first year of my diagnosis, doctor visits came often, and at times, at a heavy price. Even though I had insurance, I knew little about deductibles until my healthcare costs let me know a lot more than I ever wanted to know about deductibles.

Healthcare costs can send even the most composed individuals into a tailspin. For those with axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA), understanding and managing these costs can be a crucial part of the journey toward equitable care.

Progress can come at a steep price

First and foremost, let's acknowledge the elephant in the room: healthcare isn't free in some parts of the world. The expenses can quickly increase for those with axSpA who require ongoing care and attention. That's why knowing your options to navigate that terrain with much less stress is essential.

Remember that insurance can be a trusty sidekick

Understanding your insurance coverage options is like having a trusty sidekick on this journey. Whether it's public or private medical insurance, it's essential to take the time to read through the policy. Many insurance plans offer online portals where you can access resources and tools to help you make informed decisions about your care. Dive in and explore!

It's also worthwhile to reach out to your provider and insurance company. While many providers aim to provide quality care, they often need to be made aware of what aspects of care will be covered by insurance. Knowing what's covered, what's not, and how much you might be responsible for can save you from unpleasant financial surprises.

When in doubt, negotiate

Negotiation might be uncomfortable for some. However, not dismissing the power of asking for what you need is essential. Talk to your healthcare provider or billing department if you face hefty bills. They can offer payment plans, direct you to financial assistance programs, or even adjust certain charges. Remember, it never hurts to ask!

Additionally, some companies offer patient assistance programs for those who qualify. As with insurance policies, ensure that you read the terms to ensure that you're entirely comfortable with the details of that program. However, as a recipient of one of these programs, it can significantly reduce the cost of care.

There is probably a community for that

Beyond your healthcare provider's office, a wealth of community resources is waiting to be discovered. From non-profit organizations to support groups, there are many ways that you can access invaluable information. Whether it's a place to share your frustrations or learn more about your condition, don't dismiss the power of connecting with others who understand your journey. Doing so makes this experience less stressful.

Remember, you're not alone on this journey

A whole community of individuals with axSpA and healthcare professionals is dedicated to supporting you. By arming yourself with knowledge about healthcare costs and resources, you're taking a crucial step toward receiving equitable care.

Do you have any other tips about navigating the cost of care? Please share them below!

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