A person steps out of bed as a small tractor trailer runs over their feet.

Foot Pain Helped Me Get Diagnosed With AxSpa!

Last updated: April 2022

When we think about foot pain, we often don’t think of it being a common AxSpa symptom, but for me this was one the main symptoms that started to put the puzzle pieces of AxSpa symptoms together and that eventually led to my diagnosis!

It started several years ago

My foot pain started a few years ago. Each morning when I was finally able to sit up in bed, and get my feet planted on the floor I would feel this INTENSE pain in both feet. It truly felt like my feet (especially my right foot) had broken bones, or had a trash truck drive over them while I slept.

At times, I limped

I would hobble around the house, limping at times because it was so incredibly painful. But like the rest of my stiffness and joint pain, after an hour of movement the pain would improve, only for the stiffness in my feet to return if I sat down for even 10 mins of rest. The painful cycle would start all over again. I bought a new pair of running shoes for running and walking. I invested in Crocs to use inside instead of floppy slippers. Nothing seemed to make a difference!

To the doctor I went

So I made an appointment with my family doctor to have it checked out. My family doctor examined it and sent me for X-rays, which ended up coming back normal. But along with my other symptoms that I was having at that time, like fatigue, joint pains, and morning stiffness, my doctor decided that it was time for me to see a rheumatologist.

A diagnosis

Fast forward to being diagnosed with AxSpa, and starting my first biologic, Cosentyx. After I was on the medication I started to feel my symptoms improve, and that included the intense foot pain. And now, thankfully with the help of the right biologic for me, my foot pain and all of my AxSpa symptoms are well managed!

This is something I haven’t come across as a common symptom of AxSpa, so I wanted to share my storey as my foot pain was a huge contributor to seeing my doctor!

Has anybody experienced foot pain? Where in your foot does the pain happen? Have you ever brought it up to your rheumatologist or family doctor?

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