Setting Goals for a New Year

Since I received my diagnosis, I kind of let go on making goals that I really want to achieve. I would like to change that, as a New year is coming. It is never too late to make a plan, on making those goals you have in mind, come to life. It is never too late to make anything happen. Just because I have some limitations, I have decided to stop letting that define me or keep me back from anything. Even if it means, I have to work a little harder or it will take me a little longer due to having a chronic illness.

Weight loss

I know weight loss for some is really hard to talk about, especially with having a chronic illness, it can be very hard to actually focus on losing weight or even the last thing to think about. Before receiving my diagnosis, I was at my heaviest weight. I was having a hard time moving around. My body felt very heavy, sluggish and unhealthy. Although they say losing weight helps with having less pain, I didn’t see the difference managing to lose 60 pounds, after my diagnosis. If I told you, my pains are worse now than when I was heavier...Would you believe me? This year I would like to continue what I started. I would like to get my body, at a healthier range. I would like to learn more on what foods are good for my body and what foods don’t agree at all.

Getting active

I would like to be more active this year. No! Not the kind of active I run a marathon. Not the kind of active I run on the treadmill like crazy, or go to the gym and train for hours. I wish I was able to do that, but unfortunately my body won’t agree with anything like that and mostly probably will trigger a flare if I would do that. I am talking about setting small goals. Try and continue taking more walks of 15-20 minutes. I would like to maybe try yoga, adding some stretching or even meditation to my week. These are all things I been wanting to try, but delaying.

Getting dressed

Getting dressed would be a big goal of mine, this year. I been using the spoon theory, helping me get through my days and managing to keep my energy on the most important tasks. I usually have a hard time on getting dressed, in the morning. I work remotely and no one sees me. I have a hard time in the morning, getting up. So I usually stay in pjs for the whole day. I would like to change that, as I do believe by getting dressed and putting a little makeup on, would bring my spirits up. It would help my mood and help me feel better about myself. Maybe even feel a little beautiful again.

Positive energy

This past year, I have been really focusing on keeping positive energy around me. It can be hard at times, but it is very possible. I have chosen to be around what makes me feel good. What makes my body feel good. What brings me good energy and not the kind of energy that lowers my mood, brings on negative thoughts and can trigger a flare up or even increase my anxiety. Going through a chronic illness, is already misunderstood by many. It is already enough we have to explain and re explain to many friends and family. In my case, a lot still don’t understand why I miss a lot of events. Or don’t understand how I don’t feel well all the time. Or don’t look sick on the outside, but don’t feel well on the inside. It can bring me down, make me feel guilty and make me have feelings I don’t need. I need support and understanding. Like I said it is about doing what is best for me right now, considering the obstacles I keep having to face. Positive energy is a goal I need to keep working on.

What are you goals for this New year? Do you have any goals? I love to make small goals, that I know I can achieve slowly and won’t get discouraged or disappointed.

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