The Fear of Going Abroad With AxSpa

As I lie here in bed, listening to a Chili Peppers record, thoughts of worries fill my head.

Since I became sick, I haven’t been abroad. This is one thing that I am thankful to Covid for. I got sick just before Covid started, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t have gone abroad. A month before I got sick, my boyfriend and I went to the wonderful city of Amsterdam. It was a brilliant last holiday.

So, going abroad is now a huge fear of mine

How will I deal with being sick so far away from my home, from my bed? What if I have a flare up on my holidays? What if my injection is due when I’m abroad? I think that would be a big ordeal. These are just a few of my anxious thoughts. Going abroad is a big worry of mine.

The day has finally arrived, I’ve booked a little holiday. In June, I’m going to London for a weekend. To see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. My favorite band, I feel so lucky that I am going to see them live.

I’m the youngest in my family. I grew up listening to the Chili Peppers. My brothers loved them. I am a very musical person, my whole family are. This band made me realize my love for music. They were the first band that I thought; Yeah, I actually like these dudes, I’m not just listening to them because my family are.

Anyways, back to the holiday

Myself, my brother and his girlfriend, my other brother and his best friend are all jetting off to the UK for a weekend. I feel less anxious that my first holiday abroad since being sick will be with my family. They will mind me if needed and will understand that I need to rest, or if I’m feeling miserable. Let’s hope I won’t be.

I inject Cosentyx every second Saturday. I hope that I won’t be injecting that weekend. I know it’s relatively easy to travel with biologics. You just have to make sure that they will be at the same temperature as they would be in the fridge. But, it would be a lot less hassle if I wasn’t injecting the weekend that I’m in London. Often, I feel really tired and I need to spend the day resting after my injection. I want to enjoy myself at this concert. I do not want to be feeling awful.

I am hoping that by June, the pandemic will be more at bay than it is now. At the moment, cases are sky high here in Ireland, and in the UK. This adds a lot of anxiety to my life. No one wants to get Covid. Especially me, who is immunocompromised.

Even though June is a long way off, it is still something that I am worrying about now. There will be lots of planning and resting in the lead up to my weekend abroad.

How have you dealt with having AxSpa and going abroad? Is it a fear of yours too?

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