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Good Self-Care Is As Relentless as Turmoil

My friends, we have seen history being made over these past few years. The smart money bets we’ll continue to be subject to volatility and turmoil in every aspect of our lives for the foreseeable future.

We know this by now, right? But I’m not sure that makes it easier to respond. Sometimes, I feel a little bit frozen in place. Or I’ll be reminded of something truly bananas that happened, and just kind of shake my head. This stuff feels like a movie, but it’s real.

The good news

The fact that you are here means that you descend from innovative folks who made it through other earth shaking moments in history. Your ancestors made it through the Great Depression, both world wars, terrible financial hardships, searing personal losses, and managed to bring you into the world.

The bad news

Uh, mistakes were made and there was some trauma. There aren't enough words for all the very bad stuff that happened to people. Stuff that leaves a mark in the form of limiting beliefs, poor coping mechanisms, and maladaptive behaviors.

This stuff can feel normal, because it’s what we’re used to. And we can get used to just about anything if it’s presented in a persuasive manner. Sigh.

The best news

It’s not too late to cultivate helpful ideas and habits around boundaries and other relationship practices, health and self-care, finances, and work. We are blessed to live in a time with unrivaled access to information and tools for reflection and personal growth.

What is relentless?

Something is said to be relentless when it’s constant, incessant, continual, or nonstop. This probably sounds ambitious or toxic depending upon the situation, but hear me out.

These forces constitute an entropy of sorts. Nonsense, distractions, or anything else that might harm your health, peace of mind, and thriving can literally take us and your life apart. We can't afford to give in. I’m only suggesting that we should push back against the nonsense, turmoil, and disruptions, not that we must defeat them all by ourselves.

Here’s my plan

Choosing fulfillment over distraction

I sat down with some close friends for goals and visioning sessions in 2022 and (early) 2023. Our work included areas like body, mind, soul, relationships, love, home, work and school, finances, giving, and fun.

Intentionally focusing on the life I want and  how to spend my time forced me to choose priorities and things to leave behind. I’m still learning how to implement my goals and vision, but the process has already changed things for me.

Doing my best to  protect my health

I’m still catching up on some routine health stuff, but my diet and self-care are going well. I have completed about half of my weight loss goals started in 2021 and remain on my meal plan.

Choosing structure over chaos

These days, my time is highly structured by my weekly schedule, planner routine, meal prep, and limits on news and social media time. It’s not perfect, but things are going so much better.

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