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How I Use Medical Cannabis to Manage AxSpa

I have been suffering from not only axial spondyloarthritis, but with other conditions that cause inflammation in the body. I have spent the past decade in and out of hospital ERs, adjusting diets, including supplements, excluding gluten, and taking medications that left me feeling worse than before. I started making changes in my health and in my home to try a more natural approach. And this is where my trial and error with using cannabis lead me to include it in my life as a daily practice, and not just a medication. Note: This is prescribed by a doctor and is legal in my country and province for both medical and recreational use.

My pain peaked in the evenings

I began using it as a treatment only when I was experiencing a bad flare. Usually, evenings would be the peak of the pain and I would use an edible to help ease some pain. I found it worked so well that I often would drift off to sleep. This was huge for me. Before I had found cannabis there were nights that I would cry myself to sleep because there was no escape from the inflammation in my hips.

I started to really see the benefits of being able to get a good night's sleep so I began to smoke cannabis flower before bed. I could see improvements in my mental health, just by having a tool that allowed me to manage my pain in the evening.

I tried a few types

But AxSpa pain doesn’t just come around in the evening and this is when I knew I needed to find other ways of having cannabis without smoking. So I tried a few types of THC/CBD oils, and I found them in small amounts throughout the day to be super effective in keeping my pain well managed. From time to time I will use CBD/THC bath bombs as an additional way to relax or if I am going through a bad flare.

My mental health and my ability to not have pain at the forefront of my mind each day has allowed me to have more quality time throughout the day, and the difference it makes to have time spent enjoying life has been a really big part of managing my chronic pain in a positive way.

Like anything in our treatment plans, always consult with your doctor about any medications you wish to try or are trying. It has taken me over a year to find a dose and products that I feel comfortable and confident to take, and for me, it was worth it, while for others this might not be the right choice or one that is available.

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