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My New Diagnosis of Colitis

I wrote about my new digestive issues back in the summer. Back then I didn’t know what would come of these new issues, but I’m here to say I now have answers (yay! - or not so yay).

I was diagnosed with Microscopic Colitis in August. Microscopic Colitis is inflammation of the colon that causes persistent diarrhea.

I started off summer 2022 with 8 straight weeks of diarrhea, resulting in two ER trips for dehydration.

The diagnosis

The diagnosis of MC came as a big shock to me. I’ve had digestive issues in the past, which led to a colonoscopy and a diagnosis of stress. I was kind of expecting the same thing to happen this summer. This year was a big one for me, a big one meaning very stressful. I was not expecting anything to come of my testing (as I’m sure many of us can relate to, being chronically ill).

I had a phone call with my GI, who told me the initial colonoscopy found nothing, but the biopsy showed MC. I had heard of Ulcerative Colitis - but never Microscopic Colitis. It’s less severe than UC, but still, a hassle, let me tell you.

I cried after the phone call. I was in shock and crying. I felt defeated, but also glad the suffering I endured now had a name.

New diagnoses can really send you into a rollercoaster of emotions. It's been several months, and I’m still trying to accept my diagnosis. Some days I cry, some days I’m okay with it. I feel like I’m all over the place sometimes.

 The treatment

The treatment options I was offered brought up some problems. I was proposed 2 different corticosteroids to choose from, but our government's health insurance did not cover either of them. I don’t have private insurance, so this was an issue for me.

The best option would have cost me around $400 a month for a course of 3 months. I felt stuck because I couldn’t afford this at all. I didn’t know what to do. Luckily, my GI called me back with an offer.

He had slightly expired boxes of Cortiment, the drug that I was suggested to use. I could have these boxes for free. An entire round of meds, free!

How I’m doing

I’m just about nearing the end of my first round of treatment on Cortiment. Things are looking a lot better than they were in the early summer, that’s for sure. I still flare here and there, and when I do, it’s pretty bad. I’ve had days where I set up blankets in the bathroom and just camp out. It’s what I have to do.

Majority of the time, though, I’m doing okay! I’m able to go about my days a lot easier than I was, I can go out and experience life some more, and I feel a lot better.

I’m hoping this upward trend continues of me feeling better with my MC, so fingers crossed!

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