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A mix of school supplies including a book bag and crayons.

Preparing For a New School Year With AxSpa

Living with a chronic illness and being a mother doesn’t come easy. I am learning new ways every day to make it a little easier. I think you can never be prepared enough with having a chronic illness because there are always those unpredictable days. They can come at any time. All I can do is do my best to be prepared.

This year, as the new school year approaches, I decided to do things differently. I usually wait last minute for everything, which creates lots of unwanted anxiety and stress. Sometimes even running to different stores because I can’t find what I need on the school supply list or they have run out. It can be mind-boggling, especially if you have to shop for more than one kid. I have 3 kids starting school, from my youngest starting grade 2, my daughter starting grade 5, and my oldest that’s starting high school this year.

I started early

I started early this year, by printing out my school supply lists and starting slowly. This way I have enough time to get everything and finish sooner. Every time I get the chance to go to the store, I will pick up most of the supplies needed. Another great idea, is some schools have a local place, where you can just order all your supplies and choose if you’d like to get it delivered or picked up. I think that would be so worth it -- one less thing to worry about.

I embraced shopping online

I don’t know about you guys, but for me going to any store, I really have to be mentally prepared, as I never know during and after how I will feel. I usually need to rest before and after I get home. This is where online shopping comes in handy. Since receiving my diagnosis and due to the pandemic, I have gotten used to shopping online. It saves me so much energy for other things that need to be done on my list.

Making decisions for my best interest

So online shopping for the kids' clothing and shoes will be my go-to. Imagine, I used to love going to the mall. I would spend so many hours there. Now it’s the opposite, I try to avoid going. It’s hard on my legs, ankles, and feet. Walking far distances can increase my pains and also create more exhaustion for me. Let me not even mention how my feet and hands swell up, after a long period of time.

I am happy to say, this year I am done school supply shopping, early. Now I can focus on enjoying the rest of the summer with the kids!

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