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The Combo of Getting Sick and Having AxSpa

When I try to tell my friends and family that I'm vulnerable to getting sick, they act like I'm whining and complaining again. Sometimes they say: "Everyone gets sick in the same way." Little do they understand as many as times as you explain to them, it's different for me because I am on biologics. Biologics brings my immune system down and can make it easier to get sick, or like in my case, get respiratory infections. Little do they try to understand is that if I get sick, I risk taking many steps backwards and into a flare.

I wish my family and friends would try to understand

It is winter, and my little one arrived home with a cough. The next day I woke up not feeling well. I lost my voice slowly, got a sore throat, severe migraines, and increased pain in my chest and back. I tried to get an appointment around my area, but no luck as everything was over booked.

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I have no family doctor anymore, this is another story to tell, as he left his practice without warning and I was put on a waiting list. I'm going on a year with no doctor. The government here in Quebec sent me a letter where I can call if in urgent need of an appointment, and I also tried this step, but was called after a week and a half. Imagine if I needed something really urgent! I would go to the emergency room, but this scares me, as last month someone passed away waiting in the ER after waiting for too long.

Having a chronic illness and being on biologics can be so frustrating

There comes to a point where you don't know at times what to do. This is where it scares me sometimes when getting sick. It's now almost the end of the month and at least my cough has started to get better. But my AxSpa has been flaring up, keeping me up all night. I had to skip my injection day twice, which didn't help my AxSpa. What happened was I started to get better, after catching it from my little one, but hubby then wasn't feeling well, and I got it again.

The symptom of my flares that I hate the most is waking up at night, feeling like someone is sitting on my chest, and having a heavy luggage on my back. This feeling can be felt all day long sometimes. I been living with my heating pad by my side, hot showers, Vicks with lavender to rub on my chest and back. I been also using more of my pain medication and anti-inflammatories. Lots of rest, rest, and rest, with Netflix. My hubby got me a heating blanket for Christmas, this will definitely come in handy during times like this.

I try to disregard what everyone's opinion can be in times like this. Especially during the holidays, it can get very chaotic and pressured because family expects you to show up, and it's hard to say no. Even if you try to explain to them you are not feeling well, and getting sick hits you harder and differently. Once you get sick, it takes longer to get back to a manageable place.

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