alt=a woman says goodbye to her former self.

Saying Goodbye: An Open Letter to Myself

I know things haven’t been easy on you for quite some time. You feel lost in the world—holding a map with no compass. You constantly feel the shadow of your former self casting itself over you, reminding you that you’re not the person you once were. Reminding you that you’ve changed in a way you never thought you would.

It’s time to let her go

You’ve held onto this person for so long. Although I know it’s with good intentions, and that you hold onto her so tightly because you can still feel a small spark of her inside of you, it’s not helping you move forward with your life. You’re holding yourself back from who you’re meant to be. Your past self is someone you should be proud of. We’ll always be proud of her and how much she accomplished. But there are more chapters to come, and she was merely a small piece of the puzzle of life.

It's okay that you’re different now

Remember that what makes you different makes you strong. So much has happened to you these last few years; change was inevitable. You may not feel like the person you have become is your best, but there is nothing wrong with being different. Everything that has happened to you has shaped you into who you are today, and the person you are today is compassionate, driven, open-minded and adaptive. The person you are today can handle just about anything life throws at her and that is something to be proud of.

She will always be there when you need her

You might not be that version of yourself anymore, but she will always be with you. Everything she achieved, every lesson she learned...that will never go away. You’re growing into the person you are meant to be. It may not be what you had envisioned, but you are heading in the right direction. Life may have thrown you a bit off course, but you have learned things you never would have if you hadn’t gone this direction.

And that girl you are holding onto so tight? She is still right here with you. Watching you pick yourself back up time and time again. She is so proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself, too. And when the time comes and you find yourself sinking into your bed, wondering how or if things will ever get better—she will be there to remind you that better days have come and gone, and that they are still possible.

Goodbye but never forgotten

Now it’s time for you to say goodbye. Goodbyes are never easy, but just remember that just because we have to say goodbye, it does not mean she will ever be forgotten. We will forever hear her whispers when we need to be lifted up. Her words will always be in your head, but we must let go of her in order to be our best selves in this new chapter of our life. It’s. time to work on this new version of ourselves and what is expected of us here and now, because let’s face it: things are very different, and that means we must be different, too.

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