Switching Biologics With AxSpa

Switching meds. No big deal right?! This one in particular wasn’t successful but not to worry, there are so many biologics on the market to try. Something as simple as a med change can be really tricky for those living with AxSpa. Let’s dig into why!

The medication rose colored glasses

In the past when I had some success with medication, all other aspects fell into place. I feel better physically so I can enjoy time with friends again, I can take time to prepare healthy meals, I can incorporate daily activities that keep me feeling good! Then when things level out and it is clear this isn’t the right medication for me, and then all the stability that came along comes crashing down, and it can be hard to not take it on as a personal defeat.

The wash out period

Depending on each medication, some biologics used to treat AxSpa require a “wash out “ period. This means you need to wait a set amount of time for that current medication to be completely out of your system to try another. For me this usually means I end up in a flare from having a period of time with no treatment, and it can be a difficult period to have to wait to feel better!

Insurance and approvals

Now this next one is the worst. The insurance and understanding of a new medication company. It’s tiresome to have to get a new support team, fill out new forms, wait to be approved by the insurance, which is something that happens when you try new medications. They are such a great resource to have, but when you're feeling discouraged and fatigued paperwork is the last thing we want to do.

Thinking about my other conditions

This last one may not apply to everyone who has had to change biologics, but for me personally, when my last medication failed to work for me, my doctor and I discussed my other potential conditions and symptoms, Crohns being one of them, and was careful in choosing one that we would treat that also (as some biologics don’t treat IBD).

So there you have it, the reason changing meds for those with AxSpa can be difficult! What’s your experience been like changing meds?

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