A Different Life

I was diagnosed with AS, PsA and RA definitely and finally in 2013.

I had repeated bouts of orbital myositis in 2009 and was on a high dose of prednisone for several months. I had a stroke in 2009 affecting my right side. I was able to recover almost completely except my right eye tends to droop a little. It’s a miracle I’m alive. I was so sick during that time that I have few memories of that year. I worked too many hours, I had a terrible hateful boss that readily admitted that she verbally abused me.

My last day of work was October 31, 2013, I was taken away in an ambulance. My boss was revving up to verbally abuse me yet again and my body absolutely crashed. I had a heart attack. I was told to change my life or I wouldn’t have one. I was so depressed, overweight, tired, and circling the drain. I was referred to a Rheumatologist who started me on Methotrexate and I quickly failed it. Tried Enbrel, nothing. Humira, zip, and finally to Remicade. I get the infusions every four weeks and I was able to pull my life together.

I left the abusive boss behind, got active and the weight of that job lifted all the negative parts away. I’ve lost about 80 pounds slowly and my old type A personality was traded for an easy going person able to enjoy life. I applied for disability after my heart attack and was grateful to be alive. I have a great family I would have missed too much of. We’ve traveled and brought the ugly stress down. The pay cut sure hurt, but I’m so blessed to be free of all that stress and abuse. Money is useless if dead.

I’m happy to be here and steady thanks to Remicade. I still have bad painful days, but I try to watch my sugar and carb intake. The journey continues…

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