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Bent Out of Shape at 93

I have had back pain for many years. What started as a friend poking me and saying, "stand up straight", has ended with me being one of the people that walk bent over and relying on the grocery cart to keep me up a bit as I shop.

Sensitive eyes

No doctor has said I have anything but arthritis, but about four years ago the white of one eye turned beet red followed by the other eye about six months later.

My eyes are only clear just after using eye drops and then for only about three hours. They are also light-sensitive.

Blood test for AS?

I play golf - but poorly. I cannot walk so ride a cart. I can do housework but would have great difficulty just walking half a block. While a walker helps a bit - they are just not high enough. I often feel crutches would be better.

However, I remain fairly active for my age. My problem is that no doctor has ever taken my problem seriously. Is there a blood test that would show I might have AS? I am curious. Charlene

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