I've taken a number of falls, but none ever seriously. But, I am unable to lift myself from the floor. Each time my wife helps me and I use my arms on what furniture is close. The result is my system is totally wiped up for the next week.

On Dec. 9th, I went in for outpatient surgery for what I hoped was a minor fixable problem. I was wheeled into the operating room on my back. The surgical them I had AS and most of my spine was fused and they had to proceed with great care. Well, the following morning at home I began to feel pain in my neck, jaw, shoulder blades, and the top of my breastplate.

I have been mostly bedridden at home since and have experienced some of the worst pain ever. This is a warning that if anyone with AS is required to have surgery, be careful, stress to them your condition and be strong about it. I guess I wasn't. Begin taking a series of Prednisone pill in the morning hoping that if helps.

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