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It Could Be Worse

I am a 52 year old male with the hlab27 gene. I have 6 children and ten grandchildren. 2 of my children also have AS.

Comorbidities with AS

I was first diagnosed with AS in 95 all though I first started hurting in 88. I have been on numerous NSAIDs and tnf blockers. It seems like if a condition has "itis" in it ive had it: tendonitis, hydrentinits, iritis, colitis, and many more "itis's".

I've had 57 surgeries and just last year I was diagnosed with myelofibrosis with the calr1 gene mutation, so that was a kick in the nads. I was strung out on oxycontin for 10 years and finaly got off them and on buprinorphine, but since I was diagnosed with the bone cancer, my splenomegaly has been so painful.

Staying positive with AS

With the cancer, I couldnt take enberel or humira, so now I'm back on morphine and have the pain somewhat under control. Now I'm anemic and have a hard time exercising because I faint when I do too much, but I still get up everyday and am glad I make it threw the night.

So, for all you suffering from AS, I pray that you find the strength to face this horrible disease and find the right meds to ease your pain. And just remember it could always be worse!

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