Great, Kid! Don't Get Cocky!

Until yesterday, I’d gotten a bit cocky about my AS being so much better while taking Enbrel.

I’d had a semi-productive morning (coffee, animals fed, kitchen straightened up, new wooden bowl/box carving nearly complete). I was feeling pretty darned great about things.

Then, during our trip to the grocery store, reality gave me the big “dope slap.”

A day living with AS

It started as a twinge in my shoulder as I was getting out of the car (not unexpected…as the ol’ shoulder is always a bit iffy). I was still able to keep up with my fast-walking wife across the parking lot and into the store.

It was about halfway through shopping that the IS pain (hip/buttock) started creeping in.

By the time we were nearly done, I was limping badly, leaning heavily on the cart (now an ersatz walker), and longing for the cane I keep in the car for flare-ups.

Leaving my lovely spouse at the check-out, I hobbled my way back to the car and took several minutes to get myself seated.

Days like these require rest

The drive home = hell.

Then, just a bit more than the recommended dose on ibuprofen, heating pad, recliner and 16 hours of sleep.

This morning, I’m cautiously optimistic, back to ordinary pain levels, and walking without the cane.

In the words of Han Solo, "GREAT kid! Don't get cocky."

Mobility devices

So, here’s a question for you.

If you need a cane/walking aid (but not all the time), do you carry it with you just in case you might need it?

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