History of My Life

I was a swimmer and dance coach but with my untreated autoimmune disorder back in childhood (vitiligo) I experience a sharp flare-up suddenly at age 21! Losing several kilograms in a week, not being able to eat, waking up during nights with a sense of knife in my joints, and severe fatigue and flue feeling.

Time passed and pains were neither symmetrical nor with positive RF in blood tests. I was prescribed many immunosuppressive meds like Methotrexate, Hydroxychloroquine, steroids, etc but the pains didn't go away.

Diagnosis journey

I spent 4 years like this while being a chemist with a lot of workload and social wrong judgment (for not having knowledge of chronic and sometimes invisible disease). I got blurred vision and inflamed eye, my jaw got displaced (TMJ), rarely my shoulder got severe pains that I couldn't even brush my hair (so I cut them all), and neck and back pains.

I wanted to migrate to a very cold country, so my physicians request a complete checkup including a genome test. Shockingly but not far from imagination, my HLAB-27 genome was positive and this all meant to have ankylosing spondylitis!!! I had allllll the symptoms but you may wonder why diagnosed?!


The answer is that my doctor requested a HLA-B27 test on the second session but due to human errors, they reported negative and this simple mistake led to 4 years of my suffering, miss judgment, pains, TMJ, eye inflammation, anxiety and depression, etc.

Now I am here, all by my own and not surrendered.

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