Life Has Flipped Upside Down

I'm a single mother of 2 boys. Before my diagnosis I worked as a full time carer for the elderly 8 days on to get 2 off. I loved everything about my job, my residents at the carehome, my colleagues. It was very rewarding emotionally. I started experiencing back pain at work.

Thought nothing of it and continued for 6 months back and forth to the doctor being on every opioid possible for nothing to even touch the pain. Passed from pillar to post. One day at work I had to do a controlled fall with a resident. After this. The next day, I couldn't walk. From then on my symptoms of fatigue settled in. I couldn't physically make it to the toilet some days. I was in bed for a good 3 months before I felt better and the doctors finally decided to scan me and send me for bloods. Finally after 9 months of pain a few in bed I finally had answers.

Rheumatology got in contact and after 11 months of life changing symptoms, feeling like no one would or could believe me. I was diagnosed with AS put on amgevita 40mg injections. I had to stop all other meds due to a gastrobleed. I'm struggling g mentally, emotionally and physically. 1 of my sons has went to live with his dad to help me. My other son who is 7 helps me with my medication, injections he knows mummy is always tired and some days we don't make it to school. I went from a fun loving carer, mother to someone who spends 20hours in bed. My pain and AS I feel isn't managed just yet. I'm 4 months into my journey now and I'm still struggling. I'm looking for the light at the end of the tunnel! It's there. Just reaching it is the problem.

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