Living with AS

Last updated: June 2019

I have been living with AS now, well probably my whole life, but have only big diagnosed the past 2 years.

Spinal surgery

I broke my L5 when I was just walking down the street I heard a snap fell to the ground and walked around like that for 5 years till I finally got surgery.

The past couple of years I have been having alot of problems with my hip, left eye and ribs.

It's not just back pain

Sometimes when I talk about my aches my family would respond with "I thought something else was hurting on you" or "what doesnt hurt on you"

What they don't realize is that now they just "hurt my feelings" I learned just to suck it up, not talk about it, and just do do do. I can't anymore.

I just want them to understand

I want my friends and family to know what hurts. I want them to know how this affects my life and in turn, affects theirs.

I need my children to understand why I can't keep going on some days and now I am open with my disease.

I am not making excuses

I shouldn't be ashamed or feel as if I am doing something wrong. I don't want the advice given to me by someone who doesn't even know what I have.

I need my family to know that no, I am not lazy or no, I am not making excuses.

There are just those days where I just can't. And I need people to know that a chiropractor maybe your godsend but not mine, it's actually quite the opposite.

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