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The Longest, Crazy Journey

For years, I have seen so many doctors just to be told, it is all in your head. Sure I get various diagnoses yet the problems persisted.

Now, I am being told, “Sorry. We can no longer prescribe your medication” or "You need to see this type or that type of doctor."

How many doctors does it take...

I have seen five, yes, five different rheumatologists and four have told me “nothing is wrong with you” or, “see a shrink” and “don’t come back, it is all in your head”.

I have had troubles since I was a child with various issues. In my early years, I was diagnosed with diabetes and all the same issues persisted.

If I saw a new doctor, I got “well it’s because your diabetic”. When I asked why did I have this or that since childhood, I got “well, you probably were diabetic all along”.

No, I was seen regularly by the doctor who brought me into the world and no diabetes does not run in my family either

We are in this together

So my journey, like many others, may be similar.

I am just starting this process but feel I have doctors who will listen to and work with me.

The journey will continue but I am ready for the many next chapters.

My prayers to all.

Thank you for sharing!

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