Managing Symptoms, Kids and a Job

I posted awhile back and want to give an update. So I've been busy with work and dr appointments.

My AS has attacked my left eye since 2015. I lost sight in 2019. I feel like there's a film over my left eye. I have to see a specialist for that now, too. I take methotrexate and folic acid supplements. I take B12 injections, which give me no energy at all. It actually does the opposite, I’m always tired. The only other symptoms I have is my neck really but I go to physical therapy for that this week.

I work as a nurse assistant and have two young boys. I guess I’m here to ask, what are everyone's symptoms and how did or do you handle all the dr appointment’s for your self on top of every day life activities such as work, kids and husbands/wife’s? Did you end up have to be a SAHP (stay at home parent)?

I’m getting ready to talk to my dr about being on disability and what my options are. I want to work. I go to school so I can become an RN.

My boys play sports and I work. Dr appointments for myself and my kids is a lot and I am starting to miss more work because it seems like almost every month I’m getting bombarded with more dr appointment of some sort.

Would love to hear how you got ur life organized with all of this.

Sincerely overwhelmed,
Emily 😔

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