AS and the Military

Been living with AS since my time in the USArmy. It started with a sharp pain in my left ankle. I hobbled around and went on sick call with them basically laughing, "What's the issue? Did you twist your ankle?" "Nope, when I run and skip rope it just really hurts" "Don't run or skip rope for 2 days". Oh, ok that will fix it...

That turned into the platoon Sgt. telling to just go to motor pool no PT. No record of that hmmmm.... Then I sneeze and cannot move without a sharp pain in my back and stomach. The military docs call it a thoracic sprain. Again, I did nothing but sneeze. Until this past Jan, the day before my birthday, age 55, I was finally diagnosed by the VA with AS.

So I am not crazy?! This pain is real?? Okay... now what...

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