My Pain Brought Me To Tears

Many days we as chronic pain patients are able to endure pain. I have had days where I have been at a number 10, if I was to give my pain a score level, with 10 being the worst.There are days when your just unable to bear it. I've had that week where I was in the most horrific pain that I've experienced in a long time.

Unable to move without pain....

I woke up like normal and prepared to do my usual routine. When I went to sit up, my spine was definitely not cooperating and was shooting pain. I decided to lie back down and give my self alittle more time. A hour or so later, I tried to get up again.

The pain was still there and as real as it was a hour ago. I managed to get out of the bed and get to my cane which helps me when I am in so much pain that I can't manage to balance myself. I was unable to move without pain running through my spine as if I was being cut open. I reached for medication and took it. It would be a few hours later and my pain did not ease up.

At this point I decided to go to the emergency room.Nothing I took was working and I just was in pain.

What do you do when your pain doesn't let down?

I find myself checking in the er and complaining of this pain that has me bent over. I am grateful for the relief that was given. This pain was no joke and it was occupying one particular area. It was not getting better but it was getting worse.

I couldn't go to sleep, lying on my back was very hard.Even the most simple things was very hard to manage.Pain can be so disabling and make it impossible to even dry to the store. The only thing I could do was to shed tears. My pain was so painful that it began to hurt alot. My blood pressure was even elevated due to high pain in my body. To move it just was painful.

Things I tried at home to reduce this pain...

I have a heating pad, which I use when there's swelling and the pain is too much for me to bear. I set it on medium and it wasn't given me any relief. I pulled out my pain patches and applied them to the area.I used my pain cream to calm the area, this wasn't bringing me no relief. It seemed all the things I had tried in the past was not working now. Making it through the night seemed very difficult. I managed and it was daybreak and the pain was still there.

I even called my spine Dr. and told them what was happened. They offered relief and I was so thankful to get anything that would lessen the pain. I headed to my local pharmacy and picked up the medicine. I began to feel a little relief. Wow, I was thankful.

Shedding tears for a week...What's next?

There is something about being in pain with ankylosing spondylitis that you count the days, minutes and hours of your pain. I suffered for 8 days, 3 hours and twenty six minutes.I stayed in the bed most of those days. I cried because I felt helpless and it seemed I had no one who was concerned. I managed to get something to eat and get back in my bed.

My Dr. and I did discuss a solution that would lessen the chance of this recurring anytime soon. This is something I'm looking forward to. My take away is simply this, when your chronic condition really does you in and leaves you powerless and basically helpless and tears is what shows up. I had to really examine what could fix this problem.

My pain brought me to crying off and on for a whole week. I can say now, it has calmed down and we are sometimes left powerless over pain. What joy we feel when the awful pain lets up just enough to allow you to be grateful for a pain-free moment and no more tears.

The simple things like tying my shoes, making up my bed and even getting out of the shower becomes something I am glad to do without being in pain and yelling ouch.

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