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My Son, the Zebra

What’s wrong with my son?
I asked doctor number one.
He’s perfectly fine.
He should go out and just have fun.

But his chest pain is bad
When he plays tennis with his dad.
His nails are clubbed and blue.
If this were your son, what would you do?

Doctor after doctor
We traveled to see.
Tests were abnormal,
But they still wouldn’t listen to me.

More symptoms would come such as
No appetite, joint pain, brain fog
Each of his doctors
Had to listen to our monologue.

Neurologists, Cardiologists,Rheumatologists
Were some doctors he has seen.
“Why can’t you help him”?
I wanted to scream!

Patients are called zebras
When doctors can’t answer why.
But that doesn’t mean
we won’t try and try.

Along came Dr. Shah
And a simple pelvic MRI.
It looks like ankylosing spondylitis.
I wanted to cry.

Did we have a diagnosis
After six long years?
It was a mixture of worry
With a feeling of relief in my tears.

My son has a diagnosis
That will be here from now on.
We didn’t give up.
What a crazy marathon.

Humira, a Biologic,
Is the medication of choice.
If this drug gives my son a normal life,
We will all truly rejoice!

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