Chronic Low Back Pain and No Diagnosis

Last updated: February 2020

Hi, I have been having chronic low back pain for over a year. I’ve seen orthopedists, neurologists, and a pain specialist.

I have had Xrays, MRI's, blood tests, and a nerve test all to come out normal.

Clear test results, but same old pain

My neurologist mentioned AS but he never followed up on it since all my tests were normal. My back pain is in the lower part in the middle above my buttocks and it radiates to my left hip down my legs. It affects both my legs.

I have trouble sitting and standing for long periods, walking, and have trouble sleeping on my back and either side.

Does anyone else feel this way?

I am wanting to hear stories from other people that have these types of symptoms and maybe get some idea as to what’s wrong with me since all the doctors don’t know. They just say fibromyalgia and send me on my way.

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