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Just One More Thing...

I know better... Really... I do. But I got so much done.

Animals fed, garage/workshop rearranged, bicycles fixed, lumber cart built and loaded...
The lumber cart was almost finished when my body decided I was well past done. Back Spasms! But, of course, one needs to finish, to clean up, in order to be able to close the garage door.

Then, just a short cool-down in the pool (no swimming just a nice, buoyant, luxurious, lol).
"Oh, silly fool!," quoth the universe, "Of course, you'll swim some laps! The water feels great!"
Of course, after a sleepless night, I'm relegated to spending the day recuperating in the recliner, attached to my heating pad, paying...painfully for yesterday's misdeeds.


I'm such an idiot.

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