Remicade Is Expensive But It Works For Me

I was on Humira, but I have been on Remicade for bout 2 years now and I love it.

It has relieved my pain so much like you wouldn't believe.

Treatment is expensive

It is so expensive, though, you need good insurance.

It runs around $50,000 per infusion, which I get mine every 6 weeks, but hey I can walk and pee.

Trouble going to the bathroom

Does anyone else have trouble using the bathroom as in peeing?

Well, when it is time for me to have my infusion, I can't pee very well, but once I have my infusion I can go like crazy.

It's like something is pushing on my bladder to keep me from peeing?¿?¿

Idk maybe I'm just strange 😅.

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