Seasonal Changes Spring Forward Fall Back

I love fall and it is actually one of my favorite seasons of the year.I have noticed in past seasons that my conditions tends to worsen around late October going into November,December and winter months.I walk during the spring and summer,however my pain level seems to skyrocket in late October.This decreases my level of exercise and also productivity in the things I desire to do.

Changing your clocks...

We are all familiar with Spring forward and fall back.The days are short and the nights become long.I experience my worst pain in my back at night.As the nights progress to become longer I go through difficulty sleeping and lot of tossing and turning.I go through nights where pain medication,creams,heating pads or back braces doesn't seem to lower the horrific pain in my back.I know the early darkness that shows up at around 5pm est also affects my disease.I love fall but I don't look forward to the discomfort that shows up with the season of fall.I have already set in place a plan for the increased pain level. I find that if I do this in advance it gets me ahead of the game.

Sleepless Nights...

Fall is here and for me this means less sleep due to increase pain.I have found some teas that will help me relax and help me to sleep.As a patient with ankylosing spondylitis sleep is very important.I notice that 8 hours of sleep helps me better than broken sleep.When my sleep gets interrupted I notice difficulty walking the nest day and more swelling from the inflammation.I love relaxing meditation music helps me relax as well.This plan works well and decreases the fall sleepless nights.

Holistic practices...

As fall approaches I've been looking at holistic ways to help me this fall in my seasonal changes.Eating in the summer is also different for me than fall eating.I am adding more vitamins to my diet and oatmeals.Meditation really works good for me in the mental part of my pain.One thing that I've become present to is that treating my whole body mind and soul gives me a better outlook on the weather change.I am looking forward in learning new practices that will give me a better quality of life and less pain and more productivity in my everyday enjoyment.

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