I Would Love To Have a Proper Diagnosis

I find myself envying those with a diagnosis. I am pretty sure that I tick all the boxes for non-radiographic axialspondyloarthritis. It stated 50 years ago with back pain and neuralgia. Nothing showed up on Xrays so they sent me away. The pain is in my lower back and hips, sometimes waking me up at night, always worse in the mornings and after resting.

About 5 years ago I developed chronic diarrhea, again worse in the mornings but recently sometimes lasting all day. I have never seen a rheumatologist, my GP says that “it is unlikely to be rheumatoid” because I don’t have swelling in my fingers. I have had problems with psoriasis and mild uveitis as well as intermittent problems with other joints.

One doctor asked me to touch my toes which I have always been able to do, it is straightening up that I have a problem with. He said that it couldn’t be spondylitis if I could do that. I am so frustrated, as I am now 70 years old I just get the “what do you expect at your age?” attitude from my GP and nurse practitioner.

I realize that there is very little treatment, just “take ibuprofen, but not too much”, but it would be nice to just have an official diagnosis as it is becoming harder and harder to function.

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