It Took 7 Years to Get a Diagnosis

Diagnosis: hello there. I'm still flaring. Started on the 10th of July. 10 days after my third Pfizer vaccine. I am having horrible gut pains which I don't remember having before. Been to the GI, rheumatologist three times, list 3 kg but I can't give up as I'm the mother of two. I like reading you all so that I know I'm not alone and I feel some support even if I don't know anyone in person with the condition.

I want to say that I do remember 12 years ago feeling a tiny pain in the middle of my spine where the bras the UK they only sent me to the back clinic and did some physiotherapy. It kind of went away but not completely. 4 years after I remember having this weird feeling in my eyes, went to the eye doctor and she said it was my eyelashes growing inwards, my eyes felt extremely tired and sensitive to light they will suddenly start producing tears after extreme burning pain, ever since I wear sunglasses daily (it was uveitis for God sake) 6 years after I had extreme vertigo for two weeks and was just not feeling myself but they said I had stiffness in my cervical spine and sent me physical therapy.

Finally to the year after I had this on to ongoing pains under my underarms (towards the ribs) started onnthe left and it slowly moved to the spine (toraccic) and then the right, then shoulder blades so I finally had blood work done (RA ANAS, ENAS AND SO ON) all negative but MRI showed inflammation in SI joint which is worse now 6 yes after diagnosis. As mine is zeronegative my doctor only gives me NSAIDS courses and heel homeopathy.

So I actually put up with pain (sometimes really bad) but I have no hope he will put me on biologics or even prednisolone. My hips are soooo wornnout but they don't hurt so doc does not understand how it can be ... I think that I keep a very light body weight (45-46 kg) to 1,56 m height and since I was diagnosed I've never stopped swimming not even in the worst of flares.

I think it's important to share this as many of us feel symptoms but doctors often dismiss any sort of spine or back symptoms. I wish you days free of pain (many and often) and i hear you always.💫❤️

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