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Alternative Treatment: My AS Suffering Is Over

I am 67 years old. I have been diagnosed with AS since 1982. I experienced great pain in my hips, SI joints, chest, wrists and other bones. I never believed that AS could not be cured! I started alternative treatment. Then I eliminated Sulfasalazine, Flamexil and other NSAIDs. My health was improving.

I was helped by herbs, an anti-inflammatory diet, psychology, psychosomatics and other methods. However, the biggest miracle was caused by the WBV method! I am still researching the disease for my grandchildren. I'm writing them a book about healing. I want to give them a normal life without AS. I studied tens of thousands of hours. My illness has become a hobby! I am still researching and discovering new methods of treating our disease.

Alternative treatment

My pain and inflammation lessened and disappeared. Am I in remission? Am I in super remission? Or am I healed? Judge for yourself. I don't have pain, inflammation, I'm not tired. I have a lot of energy. I climb trees, roofs, open doors with my feet, walk over two flights of stairs. Every night I thank God for my happiness. I came to you to learn something from you. I will give you my advice. My wish is to heal at least one of you and reduce the pain of others.

I treat with an alternative method. I exclude processed foods and chemical drugs. My diet is anti-inflammatory but tasty. The soul also needs to be healed. The greatest miracle in treatment is the WBV method. I wish you a nice day and I send you hugs from the heart of Europe.

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