AS Journey

Hello to all. This group has been so helpful in pulling me out of any pity parties I have for myself. I get frustrated with what I can no longer do and what I can no longer do comfortably. My passion is training dogs and this wretched disease makes that harder as time passes and I progress.

It is helpful to see others who are dealing with this on a daily basis, and who are making the best we can out of our struggles. I can no longer ride horses-another passion-and had to let go of the dream of finding the right horse for riding with my constraints. I am very blessed to have a wonderful and supportive family.

My daughter happily deals with whatever mobility aid I need (usually a wheelchair), and my husband bought me an electric scooter so I can navigate dog shows and other events independently. He is always there to help with my getting dressed or getting my shoes on for me.

Thank you all for being here and sharing this world with me-you make a difference in my life.

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