Switching Biologics

Hello, my name is Brandon and I was diagnosed with AS in October of 2019, after about 6-7 years of not knowing what was wrong with me. As I’m sure almost if you can agree, getting the diagnosis was a mixture of emotions.

Was a relief to know that I wasn’t just crazy and that my pains and symptoms have been justified in a way. My rheumatologist started me on humira, which for a few months didn’t seem like it did anything for me.

Humira and imaging tests

Eventually it seem like the Humira was working great for some of my symptoms. my low back and stomach issues seemed like they improved dramatically, but my pain in my neck and shoulders just keep getting worse.

I had repeat blood work, repeated MRIs and X-rays and from what my doctor can find he thought my inflammation levels looked good. My MRI and X-rays reviled I had severe arthritis in my neck with bone spurs, bulging discs and severe compression around where the nerves branch out of spaces in my neck.

Neck and shoulder pain

My doctor isn’t convinced my neck and shoulder pain will get better with trying a new biologic but all we can do is try and see is this one gives me better relief. Doctor wants to try inflectra (bio similar for Remicade) last week I went in for my first infusion of inflectra.

Definitely a nervous for changing as I am worried I could go back into my previous state before I was diagnosed.

Anyone trying Inflectra or Remicade?

Are any of you currently on Inflectra or Remicade? If so, how did it work for you? Any words of advice for me while I’m going through this change in my treatment.

Thanks so much for listening to me. Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


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