The 3 C's of My Pain

All of us has been taught our 123's and our abc's in our childhood life.I would like to say that it is very simplistic and elementary things we naturally learn.The world of pain is not very simplistic to me.I love to break the hardest things down so that it is elementary.I have given much thought into penning this story in hopes that it would help someone else.

Pain is something that I have learned to understand and deal with.It is not always easy.When pain shows up as a thief,robbing you of day.It makes me feel like the pleasure or enjoyment of everyday life is passing you by.It makes the simple things become hard.I began to
document my pain and identify how much am I losing from being in back pain.

ER Trips...

Unexpected you must make that trip to the hospital. There is something unusual going on.This hospital visit may end of being 3 to 4 hours long or longer.I'm reminded of my last out of no where er visit.I found myself in a position where getting up to go to bathroom was nearly impossible.I call a friend and they assist me and ask the question,What is going on?I began to tell her my ankylosing spondylitis is really working on joint to bring very serious pain.When at er, many test are being considered.Ekg,bloodwork,chest xrays are to name a few.Inflammation which is the culprit of spondylitis may have crept somewhere else in the body.This is time consuming and you feel like that 4 hours is gone.It can't be replaced.The only thing at the moment you are thinking is I want relief.No more pain and to be able to move around freely.

My 3 C's of pain that I document are...


I want to be clear on what is going on with my disease.I want to be clear on the right treatment for it.I want to make it clear that I know everything that I need to know about this disease.I need clarity over the Dr's discussing my treatment,and for the medical staff to be clear that I will have questions that I am looking for a answer.

When we don't have clarity over our disease,the treatment,understanding the overall dynamics of dis-ease,it creates a sense of not knowing. Be clear and have clarity over your pain.We must be our best advocates.I always say, no one knows my pain like me.I am able to give a pain number when asked from 1-10 what is your pain level today.


I find that in my self care there must be a harmony in my care program. I am so consistent that my symptons always coincides with my spine condition.I am taking my same medication the same way day after day.I don't deviate , however in order to have a favorable outcome I must do it consistently.We sometimes have a problem with doing it over and over again. It is necessary and it works for me.


My last C in my journal of self love is Care.I care about me,my pain and my treatments.There has been times in my life when I didn't care if I missed a appointment.I have learned and have been given wisdom to know caring and loving yourself is so important.Give yourself the gift of love.Pain and love are alot like a couple.One has to understand the other.If I neglect to care for me ,my pain will show it's head up and I will know it has identified my lack of self care,love.

My spondylitis is very painful and a autoimmune disease that can really put you in a painful place.I am grateful for my 3 C's of pain.It has given me a whole new world of pain.When I combine the 3 in my day to day world.I find it to be as simple as my childhood lessons of abc's,123's.My pain story doesn't have to be complicated,hard,difficult.I find that I am the greatest force in my life when I have implemented Clarity,Consistent,and Care.

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