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Hello, fellow pain partners! I was diagnosed with AS just about four years ago. I’ve been dealing with severe pain since 2008. I went to so many different Drs trying to figure out what was wrong with me and why I was always in pain. I would be told it’s deteriorated discs, an old injury, and was told about 10 other things before I finally found a good dr.

How do you deal with Drs that say you are dr shopping, but the only thing I was shopping for was an answer? They just kept sticking me on pain meds and physical therapy and it went on for years! When things got so bad that I could hardly walk because my hips hurt so bad, I begged my dr for another MRI, I knew something was not good. They refused and I then went looking for a dr that would take me seriously.

I found the best Dr I have ever had and right off he started trying new things, sending me to different specialists and he finally knew that I had AS, even before it was proven.

I’m now on medication that keeps the flare-ups down some, I’ve learned more about my disability and ways to help keep the pain in check as best I can. Having a good support team makes all the difference and I’m glad I never gave up and just listened to the ones who didn’t care. Make sure you don’t settle when it comes to your life!!!!! Thank you!

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