Not Liking This Journey…but Here We Go Again!

I am 47 years old and widowed at 40. I have three amazing boys and have been having symptoms since I was young. My uncle was a surgeon and took care of my grandfather who had very severe AS and asked all the girls in the family to be tested for the gene thinking we would only be carriers.

As I started leaving sports and hitting university my symptoms got worse. Then after a bad car accident and having kids was when it got really bad but would come and go and they never knew what the problem was. JUST STRESS! I know stress doesn't help but if one more person tells me that they may see the back of my hand!

I was finally diagnosed after going back to nursing/school about a week ago when the work started making me really sick and lots of pain. I am all set to start the Infusions in days and scared out of my mind! Could use some encouragement on the treatment as I am deathly allergic to all NSAIDs so this is my only option and things have progressed badly.

Strength to all out there

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