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The Art of Unwinding: Taking a Solo Trip to a Cabin to Destress

Being a stay-at-home parent, living with AxSpa, and dealing with fibromyalgia isn’t just enough for someone’s plate, but makes one’s plate overflowing.

Keegan, my husband with AxSpa, recently celebrated his birthday. When I asked about some gift ideas, he responded, “You really want to know? I just want a weekend away by myself at a cabin in the woods with a hot tub.” So, I found a cheap AirBnb outside Pittsburgh for a rejuvenating weekend for Keegan. That said, he found he needed to make sure he maximized some aspects of his trip to make the best of the time he had. Here are some tips and tricks he wanted to share with others.

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1. Choose comfort and familiarity

Keegan encouraged selecting the right location for your getaway can set the tone for the entire trip. Look for a serene, remote location that promises tranquility and offers a break from your everyday routine. Comfort, in particular, should be a priority when choosing your accommodations.

Keegan loved having a quality bed and a relaxing chair like a La-Z-Boy. Keegan also brought his pillow and blanket, providing an additional layer of comfort regardless of if he was relaxing on the couch or in the bed. A little bit of home can go a long way in creating a soothing environment.

2. Connect with self through nostalgia and journaling

A solo trip can be a unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself. Keegan found joy in revisiting elements from his past during his retreat. He brought his favorite foods, played music he loved, and indulged in activities that he cherished from his childhood. Reliving these pleasant memories can provide a sense of solace and add a delightful layer of nostalgia to your retreat.

Journaling is another way to connect with your inner thoughts and emotions. Keegan found that writing about his feelings, particularly addressing any guilt associated with taking time for himself, was therapeutic and stress-relieving. This set the tone at the beginning of his trip that it was okay to take time to refresh and take a break.

3. Prioritize disconnection and relaxation

Disconnecting from digital distractions was vital for relaxation. Keegan used his phone only for essential communication, allowing him to concentrate more on the present moment and enhancing his tranquility. He put his phone on do not disturb and decided not to turn the TV on.

It's important to remember that the purpose of your trip is to unwind. Keegan stressed the importance of not burdening himself with the need to accomplish tasks. Rather than feeling the pressure to start a new drawing, for example, he made relaxation his primary goal. A break from usual responsibilities can free your mind and allow you to reap the full benefits of your getaway.

4. Practice responsible indulgence

Food plays a significant role in whether Keegan feels good, both physically and mentally. He didn’t overindulge in sweets but allowed himself 1 special treat the whole weekend. Other than that, he took a lot of vegetables and foods that fit into a Mediterranean diet to make sure both body and mind were in a good state by the end of the trip.

Keegan LOVES hot tubs, so much so we’re hoping to install one soon at home. He finds it helps the chronic pain and provides a quick way to relax. He always looks for AirBnbs with a hot tub, and encourages anyone else with AxSpa to seek one out.

The key lies in carefully choosing your location, connecting with yourself, disconnecting from digital distractions, and practicing responsible indulgence. So what do you do when you have a getaway or even a staycation to help refresh and rejuvenate?

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