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Close to losing my job

I work in a school in an early years classroom. Last year I was referred for an occupational health assessment. The report suggested adjustments to my hours, duties and extra breaks. Management referred me again recently to see if anything can change in my adjustments. They feel as though it is not sustainable to keep me if I need all of these adjustments and told me I am putting a strain on other colleagues. I had a meeting with HR, they are asking what adjustments I can give up and that if I struggle with more standing duties then I will most likely go through the capability process and it could end in dismissal. This is due to them apparently exhausting all other avenues and me not being able to do my job. Am I right in feeling discriminated against?
I am so anxious and upset and feel like a burden. I am also currently doing fertility treatment so the stress of work is really affecting me and causing flare ups.

  1. it seems to me that the school's threat to remove you from your classroom goes against the Americans With Disabilities Act. I would seriously look into that. We are a protected class and if accomodations are necessary, they must provide them.
    I wish you the very best. You have cheerleaders here!

    1. Regina, I am so sorry to hear this and yes, I believe your employer is treading into some serious murky territory. I know the stress with this has to be a huge burden right now. I will say a prayer that you will find your way through this with strength and peace. Positive energy your way.

      1. I’m from the Uk. Thank you for all your kind words everyone

    2. Regina,
      You do not list what country you live in. I will tell you of my experience as an American. As one who has actually lost a job due to AS, I want to stress the importance of legal counsel by an attorney specializing in employment law. I did not have an attorney and thought I could handle my job modification request on my own with a very narcissistic boss. I made the mistake of asking verbally. Because this job modification had already been granted to another employee, I assumed wrongly it would be given to me especially since I had just agreed to extra duties and workload. I received a very snarky denial.

      Since I desperately needed the job modification to handle the workload, I tried again. This time I read up on the American Disabilities Act and resubmitted the request in writing following an ADA template. My boss angrily agreed to the request, but it was clear he placed a target on my back. He did everything he could to make my life miserable. A few months later, I had a long- planned and discussed surgery. My boss violated every bit of my FMLA paperwork from my surgeon. (Family Medical Leave Act). My boss demanded I return to work early, which totally floored my surgeon. My surgeon only gave me a n early written back-to-work release because I cried and told him I was afraid I would lose my job. I then had to fight to be able to make it on time to my twice weekly physical therapy because my boss neglected to inform the schedulers. He did not inform them even after I brought it to his attention. They could not adjust my schedule without his permission.

      For a year my boss bided his time, but it was quite clear by his behavior he was looking for an opportunity to terminate me. The Covid pandemic was his perfect excuse to do so. I was the only one released then, so his explanation of "necessary cutbacks" rang false for a health care company with over 500 employees. I feel things would have been different, if I had an attorney.

      Have you told your employers you are taking fertility treatments? Be careful not to send mixed signals. Employers may view that in a very prejudicial way, i.e. pregnancy may mean potentially even more future job modifications and absenteeism.

      I hope things will go better for you,


      1. It certainly has been a terribly long journey for you. I can only imagine what a struggle it was to get a diagnosis back then. Having a wise doctor in your circle of treating physicians is a blessing - so glad you found each other. How have you been since? I certainly hope you have managed well. Thoughtfully, Rebecca (community moderator)

      2. wow thank you for sharing. I can imagine how hard this must been to get to the day of diagnosis especially at the time where it was thought it was a more male disease. Things have started to change slowly and becoming easier for women to get diagnosis.

        A big relief must of been finding a doctor to help you. How has it been going and feeling?


        Nicky (Team Member)

    3. Hi Regina,

      I am sorry to hear on what you are going through. This disease can be so awful in getting in our lives in unwanted places. But one thing you are not a burden. You are doing the best you can. You are not alone on feeling this way. You have a lot going on right now. Sending you so much hugs and we are here for any support you need.

      Nicky (Team Member)

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