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Opening Up About Cannabis for AxSpa Treatment

For most of us, we have grown up in a world where cannabis was illegal, or at least society frowned upon it. There’s a lot of subconscious ideas that we have, or some ideas that we are told about cannabis, and this is the reason it took me too long to find my way to using medical cannabis as treatments for my ankylosing spondylitis symptoms, my mood, and getting a better night's sleep.

I was afraid of judgement

I had a huge fear around cannabis use before I began to use it as medicine. Then when I noticed what a difference it was making in my life, I wanted to share, but the fear of judgment was HUGE. Majorly huge. I didn't want people to think of me as a bad mom. I didn't want to be seen as lazy, or incapable, or irresponsible, or any of the negative ties that come along with using cannabis. I wanted to be looked at just how I always was, but before the debilitating aspects of my disease set in.

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What people have shared with me

Opening up and sharing has been really eye opening to just how wrong I was about feeling judged. The truth is, more people told me that they too use cannabis as their best course of action for many different reasons. Once again, simply sharing and finding my people through Instagram, gave me a whole new outlook on cannabis, and it also gave me a new confidence in knowing what was right for my body.

Talking to others and opening up

Since sharing about my cannabis use, it’s given me the opportunity to talk to others who use this medication and that’s opened a lot of opportunities to learn more about ways  to optimize my medical cannabis use, and also simply educate myself on the history and additional benefits.

Listen to yourself and your body

Again I know cannabis is not for everyone, but if it is for you and your feeling nervous to open up about it, know that there could be people who don’t understand it because they have not had to rely on a medicine to the extent that those with chronic pain do. I do know that after adding cannabis to my medications, the second best thing I’ve done is open up and share about my cannabis use!

Has anybody found that using medical marijuana has helped their AxSpa or any related symptoms? Share in the comments below.

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