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4 Surprising Ways to Combat Brain Fog

The most challenging aspect of living with axial spondyloarthritis (AxSpA) for me is dealing with brain fog, especially as a middle school teacher who values intellect.

To mitigate the effects of brain fog, common strategies include adequate sleep and a brain-healthy diet. However, through my journey with AxSpA, I've discovered four unexpected methods that have proven effective.

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Combatting by learning a language

The first is language learning. Despite a previous diagnosis of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and the belief that I couldn't handle two languages, moving to Vietnam proved otherwise. Although not fluent, I was able to grasp the language well enough to have good communication and pronunciation.

Upon returning to the United States, the brain fog returned. However, in the spring of 2022, I rekindled my interest in language learning through Duolingo. This exercise not only helped me regain my Vietnamese language skills but remarkably improved my cognitive clarity. It helped me remember appointments and day-to-day tasks more readily.

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Combatting by dashing deliveries

The second method I discovered was through a gig as a DoorDash delivery driver. Despite the physical discomfort from driving, the flexible schedule and gamified nature of the job made it enjoyable. This side hustle turned out to be an unexpected ally in my battle against brain fog.

Let's delve into this.

Navigating through a sea of orders, determining the worthiness of a job, and assessing delivery locations in mere seconds initially fogged my brain. However, over time, the frequent decision-making honed my cognitive speed and memory. I found myself recalling addresses and specific customer instructions with ease. This mental exercise not only helped with my delivery job but also improved my overall memory function.

Combatting by remembering rosters

In my role as a full-time substitute teacher in a middle school, I face the challenge of remembering student names. Despite the difficulties, I make use of available time and resources to remember students' names and their preferences. This task, though challenging, has cultivated my memory skills, clearing my thought process and enhancing my information retention ability.

Combatting by creating cognitively

As a wordsmith, I am deeply invested in the art of creativity, crafting new characters and realms that serve the dual purpose of both educating and entertaining. Utilizing creative writing as a tool, I have discovered a unique method to counteract brain fog.

It is not required for me to engage in writing with a predetermined narrative in mind. Instead, I find immense satisfaction in immersing myself at my keyboard, allowing the spontaneous flow of creative ideas. Absurdity isn't discouraged, and I have no obligation to stick to a specific storyline...However, those moments when I am able to dedicate time to writing, I genuinely sense my thoughts piercing through the cognitive haze.

The secret is stimulation

The essence of this journey lies in brain stimulation. Expanding your mental horizons through new experiences, be it language learning, food delivery, or substitute teaching, can help clear mental fog and enhance cognitive functions.

Despite warnings from doctors about the difficulties of learning new languages and numbers, I embraced the challenge. I discovered that pushing my brain beyond its comfort zone opened new cognitive pathways, improving my memory and cognitive function.

In conclusion, embrace a new job or hobby that stretches your thinking. You may find that the foggy days become less frequent as your brain thrives on this new stimulation.

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