My New Dose of Cosentyx Put Me Into a Flare

Once a month on Fridays I have picked to have my injection day. You would say I have gotten use to it by now, but every time this day comes, I still get anxious and nervous. This Friday was my new dose. I've been on Cosentyx for 3 months. It’s been my 4th biologic and my longest one that I have been on. My rheumatologist decided to increase my dose to two injections once a month, instead of one injection once a month. I had to take 2 injections this time and I was more nervous than ever.

The day of

The day of my Cosentyx shot, I like to take the injections out of the fridge about 1-2 hours before I plan to inject myself. This way it gives the medication enough time to be at room temperature and prevent having any pain, stinging, or burning. I find Cosentyx has been easy for me to inject and my most favorite med. Sometimes I have to make sure that I actually did it right, because I don’t feel anything when injecting. Which is a good thing!

What day do you like to take your biologics?

I have chosen to do it on Fridays. The reason I picked Friday is it gives me the whole weekend to recuperate, in case I don't feel well. This way if I need to stay in bed and rest, I am able to do so. I usually try not to make any plans during these couple of days. I make sure also to drink up and keep myself hydrated to prevent feeling the "hangover" that biologics can bring on some. I can sometimes get really bad headaches the day after. I find drinking tons of water helps.

I am wondering how do you feel after you take your biologics?

I can sometimes get lucky and feel good. But then there's times where I can also get extremely fatigued and weak for a couple days after. I know everyone is different on how they react. My last injections of Cosentyx put me in a flare. I felt horrible. I was in pain all over my body, with no energy to do anything. My pain kept me up all night feeling awful and wishing I could just get some sort of sleep from the exhaustion. It has been hard to find a treatment that can help my AxSpa and fibromyalgia. Finding something that can help treat both has not been a success yet.

I still can't tell if Cosentyx is helping, but I have to keep hope

I know they told me it can work slowly and see the full benefits 6 to 12 months. So I am trying to give it some more time and keep reminding myself I need to be patient. Let's hope this will be my last biologic.

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