AxSpa and Sicca Syndrome

In the common sides effects of Humira, you can find a long list of things. I think I have Sicca syndrome, including dry eyes and dry mouth.

From the minute I wake up, I am thirsty

In fact, when I am awake during the night, I also need a drink of water! I always take a drink with me to bed as I know I will need it at night time. It seems that whatever I drink, I struggle to quench my thirst. In the list of side effects, you also find dehydration. I think I have a combination of both side effects. It took me some time to realize that these symptoms were related to the medication. I remember that at the beginning I was struggling to work at the computer with my dry eyes, feeling I had like sand in my eyes.

Wondering about Sjogren's syndrome

At the time I saw the doctors for my dry eyes, I did wonder about Sjogren’s syndrome, which is an auto-immune disease that leads to dry mouth, dry eyes a, dry skin, and some joint pain among the main symptoms. To be honest, I probably tick all the boxes there. Although I haven’t been properly diagnosed with this syndrome, based on my symptoms I think it’s likely I have something like this.

Sicca syndrome and Sjogren’s syndrome have similar features. The more I read about it, the more I recognized myself in it. Because I also noticed the dryness of my skin, and the ability to have skin rashes coming out of nowhere. It’s like my skin is highly sensitive now. So, it seems my skin is also affected by the Humira treatment. I moisturize a lot to protect my skin, and I look after the moisture of my eyes days and nights with eye drops and ointments. And everywhere I go, I take a bottle of water with me for my thirst.

Living with AxSpa and other conditions

Living with AxSpa and with high blood pressure has made me adapt my diet so I don’t exacerbate any of these two conditions with what I eat. I look closely at what I eat to avoid sugary and salty food, which might dehydrate me even more, and will not be good for the blood pressure either. I also watch my alcohol intake for the same reason.

I do drink tea and coffee every day without overdoing it and drink a lot of water or herbal tea aside to stay hydrated. I do that no matter the season, even out of the heat e.g. in Autumn and Winter, as I have the same need for hydration. Doing more reading about Sicca syndrome, it looks like it’s more common in women compared to men. Then I wonder if there are more women who experience dehydration and/or Sicca syndrome being on biologics compared to men.

I will be interested to hear from others regarding sicca syndrome, dehydration linked to your conditions/treatment and how you cope with those. Please share your thought below, thank you!

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