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How Sound Healing Can Help With AxSpa Symptoms

At the beginning of March, I went to a sound healing session in a lovely venue, beautiful Church, here in Edinburgh. I had attended a couple of similar sessions last year, thanks to a friend who helped me discover Suzy Nairn, the sound healer. This time, I took a friend with me, and offered her the session for her birthday. We were on for a treat!

What is a sound healing session?

Well, it’s an opportunity to listen to beautiful, therapeutic sounds of gongs, Tibetan bowls and other instruments like the flute, or percussion like the rain stick, played by the sound healer. Sometimes you may also hear the voice of the sound healer chanting over the musical instruments.

All these delicious sounds create vibrations that can be received by your entire body, as you lie down during those sessions with feet towards the instruments. Your brain waves are changed by the sounds, they are slowed down, and you can find yourself in a deep state of relaxation, somehow meditating and maybe experiencing some visualizations.

I have read that sound healing can be beneficial to people who experience insomnia. I can say that it’s quite common to have people falling asleep during those sessions. I personally don’t sleep, I rather go into a journey of visions and short scenarios. It’s a deep experience mentally and physically for me.

Helping my mind and body

I usually feel like I have decluttered my mind through the session, and I end up with a clear mind and an ability to take decision or choose direction more easily. Physically, what the vibrations do to me is amazing: I feel lighter in my body, at peace, less tired and I experience less pain afterwards. Sound healing is supposed to be beneficial for chronic pain. Indeed, the therapeutic sounds can act on the vagus nerve and travel through the body, helping to soothe pain and relieve tension around the body.

I can only speak for myself, but every time I have been to a sound healing session, I left the room transformed (in a good way!) in my body and my mind and this feeling lasted days.

The setting of lying on the ground can be challenging for some people with AxSpa. I usually turn up with all my gear at these sessions: double mats, pillows, blankets, extra socks, and layers. It has been comfortable enough for me to last the whole session lying on the floor. The alternative can be to attend the sound healing seated, or in any other comfortable position.

We start with a little chat at the beginning of the session, when the sound healer tells us about the circumstances of the session, what might be on the cards for us at this time and invite us to think about an intention for the sound journey we are going to take. Reflecting on the different experiences I have had, I did not set intention around my AxSpa or its symptoms, but more about other aspects of my life.

A sense of peace and confidence

In the end, I did feel the benefit of such session on my level of fatigue and pain, also gaining more clarity in my thoughts which is needed with brain fog. Having a weight lifted physically and mentally after the sound healing, I find myself living for days feeling lighter, freer in my body and with a great sense of peace and confidence.

My friend who discovered the sound healing with me said that this was the most powerful experience she’s ever had. She felt the benefits of it both physically and mentally for days after that session. I was so pleased she enjoyed it. As these sessions run once a month, this could be a regular practice for me. If you are curious to find out more and even have a wee taster, please have a look at Suzy’s website.

Have you heard of sound healing before? Have you been to a session? Please share your experience below 😊

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