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The Moment I Stopped Fighting

The AS warrior! I was a fully fledged soldier on the battle to fight this disease. I threw everything at it and with aggression. Phrases such as "my body hates me” and “my body attacks me” were commonplace.

One day I woke up to the raw truth after chatting with an AS life coach Peter.

“If fighting worked, I'd be on the front lines fighting the battle alongside you,” Peter told me. But fighting does not lead to healing, or relief... Hold on, I thought, what does war usually achieve? Death? Destruction? Suffering?

I realized that leading a war against myself was not only illogical but was harming me. I couldn’t fight a war against myself. That is called self destruction. Yet I was conditioned to believe the AS warrior mentality was helpful.

I put down my sword and began to slowly make peace

With acceptance can come intention and healing.

Healing during a war stopped making any sense.

Fighting is stressful! Stress can lead to inflammation, so now I was trapped in a vicious cycle. Another thing about fighting is that it is exhausting! What is one of the most common symptoms of AS...Fatigue!

It was time to shift my entire mindset, identity and beliefs

This isn’t an article to try to persuade you out of being an AS warrior. If you find it truly helps you and you can say that with conviction, more power to you. But I have now realized that being an AS warrior was one of the biggest barriers to both acceptance and recovering a better quality of life. The body follows the mind as Peter taught me. So when I stopped fighting...guess what happened?!

I’ll leave it at that.

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